Schools competition FAQ

Are primary schools eligible? Are schools outside the UK eligible?

The competition questions in the curriculum section are structured for English secondary schools. Applicants from primary schools and schools outside the UK should complete the form as best as possible and we will judge each entry on its merits.

How should schools in Scotland answer the questions relating to key stage 3 and 4 (KS3, KS4)?

We apologise for the oversight on our part that the questions do not take into account that the Curriculum for Excellence is used in Scotland instead of the National Curriculum. Please answer the questions as best as possible. Use the free text question “Are there any other areas of the curriculum where you would use this project?” to outline the relevant parts of your curriculum where you will use the magnetometer data. We will account for this when judging entries.

What is the maximum range between the sensor and base unit?

With a clear line of sight the and no intervening walls the range is limited to 50 metres.

How far must the sensor be positioned away from traffic and other sources of disturbance?

Ideally the sensor should be located at least 50 metres from main roads and 100 metres from railway lines. In practice acceptable distances vary according to the nature of the disturbance and how often it occurs.

How long is the form?

The form is 3 pages long, with an introductory page, a page of questions and a page to confirm successful submission.

Can I save the form and complete the answers later?

No but since all the questions are visible on one page it is easy to see the questions in advance and prepare your answers offline.